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their owners. Th ey are very adaptable dogs and can be fickle. “If they can’t be with the one they love, they love the one they are with,” is general rule that Papillons live by. Th at being said, breeders are very careful with placement of Papillons in homes with large dogs, as Papillons can never be convinced that they are toy dogs. Papillons can be injured during play with a bigger dog or when they decide the other dog’s toy must be theirs! Breeders also strongly access the placement of a Papillon in a home with small children. Children like to play with their dogs and that interaction can prove to be too rough for a Papillon. Since Papillons are fine- boned dogs, owners must be keenly aware that certain play or activity could lead to an injury. Papillons are not the right dogs for everyone, but for the right owners they make wonderful companions that will add joy to a home for many, many years.

“THEY HAVE A ZEST FOR LIFE and want to share that with their owners.”

such as patella luxation. It is imperative to work with a reputable breeder when looking for a Papillon in order to insure a happy, healthy addition to the family. Many Papillons live active, healthy lives for 15 or more years. Grooming a Papillon in a pet home is a relatively easy task that requires only

regular baths, nail clipping and brushing. Th at regime is enhanced for Papillons that are in the show ring. Dental care is very important for Papillons as it is with all dogs and especially toy dogs. Th e temperament of a papillon should be happy, alert and friendly. Th ey have a zest for life and want to share that with

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