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with a long, flowing plume. Hair on feet is short, but fine tufts may appear over toes and grow beyond them, forming a point. Color: Always parti-color or white with patches of any color(s). On the head, color(s) other than white must cover both ears, back and front, and extend without interruption from the ears over both eyes. A clearly defined white blaze and noseband are preferred to a solidly marked head. Symmetry of facial markings is desirable. The size, shape, placement, and presence or absence of patches of color on the body are without importance. Among the colors there is no preference, provided nose, eye rims and lips are well pigmented black. The following faults shall be severely penalized - Color other than white not covering both ears, back and front, or not extending from the ears over both eyes. A slight extension of the white collar onto the base of the ears, or a few white hairs interspersed among the color, shall not be penalized, provided the butterfly appearance is not sacrificed. Disqualifications - An all-white dog or a dog with no white. Gait: Free, quick, easy, graceful, not paddlefooted, or stiff in hip movements. Temperament: Happy, alert and friendly. Neither shy nor aggressive. Disqualifications: Height over 12 inches. An all-white dog or a dog with no white.

Approved June 10, 1991 Effective July 31, 1991

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