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“Papillons are not usually a good choice for a family with young children. BECAUSE OF THEIR SIZE AND FINE BONE STRUCTURE, THEY CAN BE INJURED IN WELL-MEANING PLAY.”

Grooming for a pet Papillon requires regular baths, nail clipping, and frequent brushing. While the coat is single and silky, it can mat rather quickly on an active Papillon. Dental care is a must for Papillons as it is for all toy dogs. Papillons are not usually a good choice for a family with young children. Because of their size and fine bone structure, they can be injured in well-meaning play. If there are other dogs in the home, be very careful of mixing dogs with prey drive and Papillons. Paps cannot be convinced that they are small toy dogs and have no hesitation to challenge a large dog for a toy or a treat. Obviously, Papillons are an indoor breed, but they do enjoy walks and some

time outside with their family. Many love to ride in the car and generally accompa- ny their owners everywhere. Th ey are easy travelers on airplanes and bond to their carriers almost immediately. Th is is a high-energy, intelligent breed which demands attention from their own- ers. Should you run into Lauren Bacall, Glen Close or Christina Aguilera ask about their Papillons. And remember the movie Gremlins ? You are right, Steven Speilberg’s Papillon was the inspiration! For further information about this delightful breed, go the website of the Papil- lon Club of America, Our National Specialty will be in Wilmington, Ohio, May 25-31, 2014, and two Regional Specialties will be held in New York City, February 8-9, 2014.

BIO Jan Paulk, Chair- man of Judges Educa- tion, Papillon Club of America, for 9 years, finished her first Papil- lon at Westminster KC in 1977.

Her primary career was in the US Sen- ate where she served 5 Majority Leaders as Director of Protocol and Foreign Travel, following 10 years on the Foreign Relation Committee’s professional sta ff . She holds degrees from the University of Arkansas and Columbia University, NY. She retired to Santa Fe, NM, but was soon appointed by the Governor as Execu- tive Director of the Council on Film and Media Industries. Retiring again in 2009, Jan is now a full time student of dogs. She judges the Toy, Herding, Working Groups, 10 Non-Sporting breeds, Juniors, BIS. Her home in Santa Fe is shared with 3 Cham- pion Papillons (ret.) and 2 Anatolian Shepherd Dogs. “THIS IS A HIGH-ENERGY, INTELLIGENT BREED

which demands attention from their owners.”

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