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“While I cannot back my next statement with science, I believe the large ears make the Papillons super-sensitive to sound. A PAPILLON IS UNMATCHED AS AN ALERT DOG!”

obedience, rally, as well as the conforma- tion ring. Th ey are easily trained as their reason for being is to please their master and to love and be loved. Positive rein- forcement is the key. In 2000 a Papillon named Delta was named winner of the AKC’s American Canine Excellence (ACE) award. Delta was the companion and assistant of Lau- ren Wilson, a dwarf with a progressive muscular disease. Lauren and Delta were featured twice on ABC’s television show 20/20 , introduced by Barbara Walters and Diane Sawyer in a segment entitled, “ Th e Little Dog Th at Could.”

Papillons are generally healthy. Pro- gressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA) has been linked to the breed; however, the DNA marker for PRA in Papil- lons was recently found. A simple DNA test swab can give a definite diagnosis for the blinding disease and is a must for dogs used in breeding programs. Responsible breeders are careful not to breed dogs with genetically linked prob- lems such as patella luxation. It is impera- tive to work with a reputable breeder when looking for a Papillon. If you are beginning to search for a Papillon, be prepared to be interviewed extensively by

the breeder and ready yourself for a wait. Papillons average only 2 pups in a litter and weigh only a few ounces at birth. Th ey are, however, worth the usual wait and often lead active lives for 14+ years. Th e hallmark of the breed is the large, rounded butterfly-like ears. Th e ear fringe adds to the butterfly illusion. Genetically, the black and white and tri-colored Paps usually carry more ear fringe than their red sable and white relatives. While I can- not back my next statement with science, I believe the large ears make the Papil- lons super-sensitive to sound. A Papillon is unmatched as an alert dog!

“They are, however, worth the usual wait AND OFTEN LEAD ACTIVE LIVES FOR 14+ YEARS.”

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