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“The little papillon has survived rather better than the Royal Families in whose courts he was once such a favorite. MEN, WOMEN AND CHILDREN, OF ALL AGES AND IN ALL WALKS OF LIFE, TAKE HIM INTO THEIR LAPS AND HEARTS.”

to straighten out the names of the two varieties, without much success. Recently the international papillon organization, to which the American but not the Eng- lish club is a ffi liated, has given to the drop eared variety the name of “Phalene.” Th e Titian dogs were red and white. Before long, specimens appeared in all shades from pale lemon to deepest chest- nut, while some of the most beautiful examples were black and white or silver- grey and white. All these colors were usu- ally marked with a white blaze and often with the thumb mark on the top of the head. Th en, toward the end of the 19th Century through the first two decades of this one, the vogue was for solid colors or for dogs with only the feet and chest splashed with white. Today the solid col- ors have disappeared and the preference is again for an evenly marked parti-color. People often insist on a one word answer to the question,”Where does the breed come from?” Baron Albert Houtart of Belgium, author of the most authorita- tive work for this subject, demonstrated that credit for perfecting the Continental Toy Spaniel belongs equally to France and Belgium. Th is statement is also true for the development of the erect eared type. Both countries may rightfully consider the papillon a native breed.

Th e little papillon has survived rather better than the Royal Families in whose courts he was once such a favorite. Men, women and children, of all ages and in all walks of life, take him into their laps and hearts. Now, as in the past, when he has found his way into a home he is there to stay, as loving as he is beloved. JUDGinG tHe PAPillon Th is breed is one of those that can fool the judge into thinking they are perfect. Th ey are perfectly clever since they have the ability to win a judge over by their “cuteness”. Cute is not a criteria of judg- ing. So how does one go about judging cor- rectly? I will try to lead you step by step through the process. When the dogs enter the ring you should have them go around the ring once so that you can get a quick assessment of what is there. Th is movement allows toy dogs to loosen up from the crate they have been in until judging time. It gets the kinks out of the muscles. Have the lead dog placed on the table and step back to get a good pro- file image of the dog. Th en approach the dog as you would to any large dog. Th e toy dog becomes very suspicious of judges that creep up on them. Now you have the first look at the defining characteristic of the Papillon. Th e head with its “butterfly” ears

is the reason the dog has the name Papil- lon. Papillon is French for butterfly. Place your hand on the front of the muzzle and feel your way up to the top of the head. Lately there have been ears that go straight out from the sides of the head. Th e ear leather should be firm and the tips are rounded with or without fringing. Blacks and tricolors usually have abundant fring- es whereas the reds do not. Occasionally the reds are blessed with fringing. How- ever I found that my reds fringed out after age 5 when we are through showing them, of course. I have always said that fringing is the icing on the cake and if it is scarce do not fault them. Th ere is also a variety of ear type called the Phalene. Phalene in French means folded and the ear is folded to the head and dropped down much like the spaniel of long ago. Th e eyes are a nice brown and round but not like a Chihuahua. Th e muzzle should be one third of the head and have a decent stop. All this can be observed in the first hands on the pup’s head. Don’t forget to check the teeth. Th ey should have a scissor bite. Do not try to pry the mouth open. If the dog resists ask the handler to show you the bite. Th e nose must be black and if it is not then it must be severely penalized. Now, there is more to the dog than just the


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