Top Notch Toys February 2017

recognition. These dogs go into nurs- ing homes and hospitals and schools, not only offering love, but also assist- ing in many ways. They listen to chil- dren read aloud, walk beside someone using a walker, or respond to someone who is trying to form a command: “Sit.” One Pom would always lick out her tongue when anyone blew into her nos- trils, perfect for Speech Therapy. Can they be Therapy Dogs? Pomeranians have hearts! Then there is coursing ability. While Lure Coursing trials and titles are reserved by AKC for sighthounds, a similar type of trial has recently been opened to all breeds. Pomeranians were not slow to get into this sport. On March 31, 2012, UCH, UAG1, URO1, UCD Rone’s Bjorn to Fly CA, RA, RATN RATI CGC became the first AKC Cours- ing Ability titled Pomeranian. “Mikko” also has 7 legs out of the required 10 for the Coursing Ability Advanced title. Additionally, Mikko is titled in UKC Agility, Rally and Obedience, as well as in AKC Rally and Barn Hunt. This 5½ lb. dog is learning to do weight pull, too. And in his spare time, Mikko par- ticipates in Conformation, needing just one more major for his breed Champi- onship. Are they able to do Coursing? Pomeranians cut to the chase! One of the newest titles in AKC (we have several lately!) is for barn hunt. Most people think of this as a terrier sport, but it is open to all breeds. The AKC does not actually sanction Barn Hunts, but it does recognize Barn Hunt titles from the Barn Hunt Association. There are at least 5 Pomeranians work- ing in Barn Hunt trials now and they love hunting through and over bales of hay to find the very bored rat waiting in a cage. Can they do Barn Hunt? Pomera- nians know critters! In addition to AKC titling sports, Pomeranians are participating in K9 Nosework, Flyball, Dock Diving, Weight Pull and Back Packing. In K9 nosework, the dog performs as a search dog might when looking for drugs, but in a controlled trial situation. Starting with “hides” of specific scents in a box chosen from a number of other boxes, the dog progresses to more dif- ficult searches. Pomeranian PTE MN EC URO1 Second Chance Ted E. Bear BN RE was the 3rd dog over all in the coun- try to attain the UKC Master Nosework title. For an Exterior search, Ted found

Kanga gets ball from box. Photo © Walter Wrobel

Boomer Jumps. Photo © Phyllis Ensley Photography

Mikko races in a Coursing Ability Test. Photo © Lois Stanfield

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