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Levi going over broad Jump


P omeranians are one of the best-kept secrets in the world of dog sports. Their original use as herding dogs, before they were bred down in size, means that many of them still retain the same instincts that make Border Collies and Shetland Sheepdogs so responsive to training. Poms have shown these abilities since the early days of Obedi- ence competition. In 1943, Pomerani- an Georgian’s Betty UDT (Utility Dog Tracking) was actually the top Obedi- ence dog in the United States. Her pic- ture in the April 1944, National Geo- graphic Magazine shows her holding a dumbbell that must have been meant for a much larger dog. Since then, with many Toy breeds competing in Obedi- ence, dumbbells, gloves and articles have been made that will fit these smaller dogs and Poms are participat- ing in all sports where they are allowed. Most people think of Pomeranians as cute little lap dogs, but when allowed to show their stuff, they are much, much more. Among recent top obedience Pom- eranians is OTCH Gidget’s Cinnamon

Prince UDX8 OM3 VER RE TDI. “Levi” was the first Pom to earn UDX3, UDX4, UDX5, UDX6, UDX7, UDX8; and the first to attain the OM1, OM2 and OM3. (A Utility Dog Excellent title requires earning qualifying scores in the Open and Utility classes at the same trial on 10 different occasions. The Obedience Master title requires the dog to achieve a specified number of points based on high scores.) Levi was also the first Pom to achieve the United Kennel Club’s Obedience Champion title. As a therapy dog, Levi visited nursing homes, mak- ing life better for people who needed the joy that a dog can bring. His call name, Levi, was not always heard cor- rectly, though. On one occasion, an Obedience judge was overheard telling someone, “And she calls him ‘Flea Bite’! Isn’t that cute?” Can they do Obedi- ence? Pomeranians have brains! Rally is sometimes called “Obedi- ence with signs.” The dog and han- dler complete a course designed by the judge; moving from one sign to another, they perform the skill required by that sign. Rally became an AKC titling sport on January 1, 2005. On that

weekend, three Pomeranians became among the first dogs to receive the AKC Rally Novice title. By November of 2005, there was a Rally Advanced Excellent Pomeranian, the highest level title available in Rally other than added numbers on the end of the RAE. Can they do Rally? Pomeranians can read the signs! Agility is a natural venue for Pom- eranians. Their love for running and exploring pays off when they find the joy of jumping, climbing and racing around a ring. CH MACH15 Carleez Boom Boom Boom MXB5 MXS5 discov- ered this joy early on. In addition to his breed championship, “Boomer” has run more than 100 miles at the AKC Master level since 2008, qualifying more than 80% of the time. Those runs were on grass, mud, rubber and turf. Can they do Agility? Pomeranians have legs! Pomeranians have been therapy dogs for years, with no credit given other than in the hearts of those on the receiving end of all that love. AKC has just recently begun to realize that the training and work that goes to make a Therapy Dog should have official

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