Top Notch Toys February 2017

their character has remained pure. They continue to have a strong pack mentality, use their voices to warn, stand loyal to their owners, protect what they feel is theirs to protect and have stamina and enthusiasm for what they are involved in well beyond what you would expect for their diminutive size. Pomeranians contain a “joie de vivre” and transfer that attitude to all who are around them. They are natural born

comedians, are very busy dogs and as a group, can amuse themselves for hours. Toys are at the center of the games they play, but not always a neces- sary ingredient. They can make a game out of just about anything or out of nothing at all. Chase games are a huge source of entertainment in the Pom community. One will appear to be “it” and then the roles will switch. They can go on like that until exhaustion sets in, and then it will be nap time for all.

As an owner of any dog comes responsibility. As an owner of a Pomera- nian, there are the same responsibili- ties and more. Their small size requires that their safety is always taken into consideration. As with any tiny dog, their joints, limbs, necks, spines and skulls are all very fragile. The most innocuous thing can prove deadly: a set of stairs, being left unattended on a couch, children roughhousing, large dogs, an erroneously thrown baseball

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