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C anines are canines. They are descendants theoretically from the wolf, but veered off as a species because of their desire to be a companion to man. The varying breeds possess many simi- lar qualities despite the obvious differ- ences between them. They are none- theless all part of the same species, canine familiaris. But what is so fasci- nating about pure bred dogs are the dif- ferences that have been purposefully bred into them in order to make them

uniquely distinct. Each breed is unique, not only in how they look and in their abilities to do the jobs they were creat- ed to do, but also in the different nuanc- es of behavior particular to their breed. Pomeranians are “a cocky, com- manding breed, buoyant in deportment and inquisitive by nature”, according to the newly revised Pomeranian breed standard. Those adjectives have been in the standard and handed down through breed standards for decades. The traits that make a Pom act like a

Pom are not at all accidental, but the result of microscopic threads of DNA that are transferred through genera- tions. It is because of dedicated breed- ers who continue to create this breed to not only look like Poms, but to act like Poms as well. This breed was originally a much larger-sized dog from the Baltic region. They were bred for multiple purpos- es--protectors on boats, herding and even as small sled dogs. Even though their size has been diminished 25%,

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