Top Notch Toys February 2017

Miss Cheli with her Toy Pomeranians: Dot, Dainty and Topsy.

Class as far back as 1892, but regular classification was not provided until 1900 at New York. In 1900, the Pomera- nian was recognized by the American Kennel Club and the American Pomera- nian Club (APC) was formed. In 1909, APC was accepted as a Member Club of the AKC and APC became designated as the parent club for the breed. APC held its first specialty show in 1910 with an entry of 138 Pomeranians. Early American winners were heavi- er in bone, larger in ear and usually weighed under six pounds. They had type and good coat texture, although they lacked the profuseness of coat in evidence today. As companion dogs, Poms make excellent friends and have rubbed

shoulders with some of history’s great- est creative minds. Mozart dedicated one of his finished arias to his pet Pomeranian, “Pimperl”. Frédéric Cho- pin, inspired by his friend’s pet Pomera- nian chasing his tail, wrote the song “Waltz of the Little Dogs”. When Michel- angelo was painting the Sistine Chapel,

his Pom was sitting below on a satin pil- low watching the action. While this Nordic breed has sled dogs, watch dogs and herding dogs behind them, they have been bred for many years for simple companion- ship. You will find that many Pomera- nians today still carry many of the same traits as the breeds behind them. This little compact Toy dog does not realize that it is such a small dog. Pomeranians are truly large dogs in a small dog body. They have a vivacious spirit with a fox- like expression. They are playful throughout the majority of their lives, but are also happy to simply hang out on the couch or in your lap. Their territorial nature will alert you to any unusual distur- bance or intruders to your house- hold. Pomeranians are very loyal to their people. They have a strong desire to please, but can remain stub- born should they see fit. They have been successful in obedience, rally, agility and many other events. Their social nature among themselves makes it easy and interesting to own more than just one.


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