Top Notch Toys February 2017


W rite and submit an arti- cle on a topic you think is important, show off your finest Toys with your wonderful ads, check out your fel- low exhibitors with the different Toy breeds they show— Top Notch Toys is the place to get your message out to the fancy. This column is filled with questions for you to think about and email the answers for publication in the March issue of TNT. Send your responses and a bio photo to me at • What are your feelings on local clubs versus National clubs? • Your thoughts on some negative postings on Facebook? • What features or content do you most benefit from in TNT ?

• If you could send one message to your fellow breeders and exhibitors, what would it be? • What was your biggest blunder in the ring? The funniest thing you have ever done in the ring? • What do you most and least like to see in ads submitted by exhibitors? • What dream dog trip would you like to take in the next few years? Sooner rather than later? • What one important message would you like to send to judges? • What do you see other exhibitors do that drives you crazy? • Do you have other interests or hobby’s besides breeding and showing dogs? • What have you always wanted to ask a judge but were too afraid to ask?

• Questions you would like to see in another issue? Remember, inquiring minds want to know! Send me your answers for the next issue along with any questions you might have for our readers. Keep our slogan in mind when allocating your advertising dollars: “DON’T GET LOST IN THE OTHER MAGAZINES, STAY FOUND IN TOP NOTCH TOYS!” Win lots more, love and enjoy your dogs and send adorable puppy pictures for the Toy Box. Bonnie 863.738.8848

Have a wonderful time in February in NYC!

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