Top Notch Toys September 2018


TO THE EYE AND if done well it is charming in every way.”

(Black Bitch-Ch. Wisselwood’s Olivia Rose Bred and Owned by Nancy McCorkle)

hairs on the chest of a black Pug ( just like on a fawn) and given an excel- lent exhibit it should be permissible. On occasion one could also see a red cast on a black Pug. This could be seasonal or a bit of sunburn and this too should be acceptable. Oth- er undesirable qualities on a black are a grey or rusty cast or a white spot beyond the few white hairs.

Our breed, the Pug, has one dis- qualification that being “Any color other than Fawn or Black.” In this regard we are unanimous. On a ma- ture Pug both colors may develop frosting on the muzzle and this too is acceptable and quite charming. Much has been said about judg- ing fawns and blacks. Perhaps I have a slight advantage in being a

painter but I have no problem seeing both clearly and accurately with an open mind. Please see through any perceived misunderstanding. Our Standard is clear and equal and both colors should be given equal con- sideration. Our breed, our breeders, our history and our future deserve nothing less.

T op N otch T oys , S eptember 2018 • 67

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