Top Notch Toys September 2018

this discussion, we moved on to our Welcome Party, which the hotel set up like a meal. We had a huge long ta- ble and everyone was having fun and talking after the previous discussion, (planned to happen that way). I made a fool of myself purposely to hawk our logo-d t-shirts. For fun, I told every- one that bought the shirts that they had to give the club a tip as well. All the attendees were generous, and we not only shared artfully designed t- shirts, but added more to the budget both for the show and for the club! Sunday dawned too early for us, but it was a great day! Both Sweepstakes Judge Jeffery Kestner and Specialty Judge Jeffrey Bazell did an excel- lent job evaluating our Russian Toys. Their feedback to the attendees was helpful and informative. The winners were great specimens and made our club proud of the accomplishments we have made so far. The dinner/banquet was a success, and our President, Deb Cawley, ran a great annual meeting. At the end, extra welcome bags were given as prizes to the person from the longest distance away, etc. It created lots of laughter and camaraderie. We had many many new attendees who hail from other breeds and breed clubs. Perhaps the best thing about the show was their comments: It was the friendliest National they’d ever attended. They learned a lot about the breed, and most important, they were coming back again! That is my idea of a successful show! Finally, I have included candid and win pics for the show. I think everyone who attended is a winner, so haven’t named names in this article.


by Nona Dietrich

T he show is over and I have had my time to rest afterwards. As show chair, the event is a whirlwind of fixing problems and being at the right place at the right time so that the attendees perceive it as seamless. (It never is!) Now I have time to reflect and review. The Show was held at the Roberts Centre in Wilmington, Ohio on May 12 and 13th. On Saturday, we had

two events. On the way in to the room for the Roundtable Discussion, there was a display of posters recogniz- ing dogs from our past, and their ac- complishments. It was our “Hall of Fame”, the theme for this year. The Roundtable Discussion became a huge round circle of participants who all shared their perception, concerns, and thoughts. Once everyone had a chance to get to know each other in

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