Top Notch Toys September 2018

by Bonnie Guggenheim, TNT Advertising Director & Associate Editor


I had a fabulous time seeing lots of old friends a made a few new ones on a recent outing to a dog show. I saw many top quality Toy dogs of such quality that it made me know there is way more to those in Group 5 than beauty when they stand posed. It seems like more and more judges are not only looking for type, something that is critical for each breed, but they seem to care more about movement and structure. Those dogs in the Toy group—almost without fail—made me know our be- loved toys are in good handsand are progressing in the right direction. The quality was deep and I saw it again in the second setor shows where there were some additions to the lineup. Looking at winners across the

ever and the majority take advantage of it. Each day at a dog show should be a learning experience which can only happen if you stay at the show, listen and learn. Friendships developed over the years will sustain you when the going gets tough so treasure those people. Be a true friend—congratulate those who win and when it is your turn, win in a gracious manner. Revel in the joy of life, especially at our wonderful dog shows and remember to tell me about your successes. Inquiring minds want to know ! Bonnie 863.738.8848

country again makes me aware that breeders, handlers, owners and judg- es “get it” with the respective breeds. As a former judge of many Toy dogs I can say they have come a long way. Great job to all of you competing! Aside from the quality of dogs, it seems there are so many unhappy people at shows—usually when they do not win. They trash talk online about judges and competitors and fail to evaluate the situation or attempt to learn what really happened. There are times you win when you should not have (really!) and lose when you should not. Judges make the best possible decision on that day, based on what they know and what the years have taught them. Ed- ucation today is more available than

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Bred, Owned & Photographed by Julia Van Patten

18 • T op N otch T oys , S eptember 2018

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