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10 From the 12 Toy Talk 40 Toy Box

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Owner-Handled Optimism Dan Sayers

But I Don’t Need A Show Dog! Terri Lewin Gilbert

Editor-in-Chief Joe McGinnis

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Dog vs. Bitch Pam Guevara

TNT Top Twenty Toys

Bonnie Guggenheim

Pee Wee Candids Photos by Bettina Bienefeld

TNT All-Breed System

Executive Editor Emeritus Chief Media Consultant

42 The National Dog Show Candids 48 Biewer Terrier History Gayle Pruett and Myrna Torres 52 The Delightful Biewer Terrier Myrna Torres 56 The Biewer Terrier A Breed Worthy of Distinction Gayle Pruett

Photos by Tom Weigand 67

Murphy’s Laws As They Pertain To Dog Shows

TNT Breed System

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National Owner Handled System Top Toys

Why Bother? Richard Miller

Tails Are Wagging For Hemp Fred Metzger, DVM, MRCVS, Diplomate ABVP 81

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Cavalier Movement Jeanie Montford

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