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WAY AND NEED TO BE DOSED ACCORDINGLY. Also, THC, while not toxic for humans is toxic for dogs.”

dramatic improvement, similar to Sa- die. ElleVet and Dr. Wakshlag were committed to doing the research to determine how it worked, find out what dose is needed for it to be most effective, and make sure it was safe. A long-term safety study along with the clinical trial proved the safety of ElleVet hemp oil for both dogs and for cats. According to Dr.Wakshlag, “We haven’t had a game changer in 20 years. This will change the face of vet- erinary medicine for years to come.” So how does it work, exactly? The endocannabinoid system, which is present in all mammals, is involved in modulating a variety of processes in the body, such as pain sensation, in- flammation, appetite and mood, and CB1 and CB2 receptors are located in the peripheral nervous system, brain and organs. Hemp contains a wide variety of cannabinoids and the body has cannabinoids receptors which bind with the cannabinoids and are reported to aid in managing diseases such as cancer, immune mediated diseases, glaucoma, epilepsy, and other diseases. Their basic function is to maintain homeostasis in the body.

But, not all hemp works the same way, and one strain may work better on one area, such as an immune me- diated, and another strain may work better on epilepsy. For the most part, it’s a complex and poorly understood field, but with every scientific study, we are learning more about the pos- sibilities for this substance. One thing that’s important to note, is that dogs and humans are not the same when it comes to dosing. ElleVet andCornell determined that dogsme- tabolize hemp in a different way and need to be dosed accordingly. Also, THC, while not toxic for humans is toxic for dogs. When you hear of a dog going to the emergency room be- cause of cannabis, it is because a dog was given or got into a product that has THC. THC is the part of the plant that causes the psychoactive effect, or the “high” which is not good for any dog. A hemp product should have a certificate of analysis which includes not only the cannabinoid profile but also a test for heavy metals, mold and pesticides. At this time, vets all over the country, including some of the most promi-

nent vets in the world, are providing hemp for both their patients and their own dogs. One pet owner, after 48 hours onElle- Vet, asked, “Was it my eyes or was my dog longer than usual? I realized my dog’s muscles were relaxing for the first time in more than 2 years. The hump in her spine was gone and she no longer grunted and sighed when she got up and down.” As studies progress, pets continue to improve. Another vet and pet owner professed, “I’ve worked in veterinary medicine for 15 years and when my 16-year-old dog started having trou- ble, I switched to ElleVet Hemp Oil. She’s improved so much that she’s no longer on hospice status.” Many vets and pet owners are cur- rently using hemp to treat seizures, but science and data are still needed. Dr. Wakshlag and ElleVet are about to begin three additional ground- breaking studies in the areas of oncol- ogy, seizure and post-operative pain management, with results expected to be extremely positive. *names changed for confidentiality of pet owner and pet patient

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