Top Notch Toys December 2018

“As the Biewer Terrier continues to warm the hearts of everyone they come in contact with, you can expect to see this breed among the most desired breed on Earth.”

Biewer Terrier and other outside ven- ues that host breed education booths. We take every opportunity to educate the public about the Biewer Terrier and wonderful qualities that makes the Biewer so special. Adding to the many details that make the Biewer Terrier so unique is the fact that it is the first breed in the his- tory of professional dog breeding and showing, that was proven to be a pure- bred due to an extensive genetic study. Customarily, there is a strict docu- mentation of all pedigrees and breed- ings when developing a new breed. Immaculate record keeping is of the utmost importance. It was accepted into the FSS; Foudation Stock Ser- vice of AKC; American Kennel Club just eight years after first applying for recognition. This was an important step in furthering the development of the purebred Biewer Terrier. The AKC is a wealth of information and is anxious to help new breeds develop properly using all tools available. As the Biewer Terrier continues to warm the hearts of everyone they come in contact with, you can expect to see this breed among the most de- sired breed on Earth.

dogs has always been to use the Mars genetic test for establishing whether a dog is a purebred or not. We also re- quire a coat color analysis to ensure the dog meets the coloring set forth in the AKC and BTRA accepted stan- dard for the Biewer Terrier. We are finding that the Biewer Terrier carries a recessive gene for the choco- late/liver coloring. With this new- found information we have made the provision for registration purposes only to include the dogs carrying the “b” gene. Dogs displaying the choco- late/liver coloring are considered a disqualification from the show ring in hopes of discouraging the breed- ing of off colors. The board has always considered what is best for the breed and we feel we have to acknowledge all things concerning the Biewer Ter- rier. We are looking at all aspects fo the Biewer breed in order to avoid any issues five or ten years down the line. The BTCA; The Biewer Terrier Club of America, Inc. continues to assist those countries interested in gaining recognition for the Biewer Terrier with their respective Kennel Clubs. We are contributing to the “Meet the Breeds” events within the AKC arena to heighten public awareness of the

understanding through the tribula- tions of introducing the Biewer Terri- er to the general public had proven to be invaluable. We are thankful to the Biewer Terrier breeders throughout the world that are taking this respon- sibility seriously so that the general public will be able to enjoy the qual- itites of the Biewer for a lifetime. Due to the many talents of the Biewer Terrier, you will see them in the show ring taking top honors in conforma- tion with Best in Groups and Best in Shows. Their versatility is giving them the same recognition in agility events. Many have found their way into the modeling business, show- ing off their beauty on the runway for some of the best clothes design- ers in the dog industry and many of the top dog magazines are using them to promote products widely used by all animals. Due to the acceptance of the breed by AKC/FSS in 2014, the popular- ity of the Biewer Terrier has steadily increased throughout the world with both pet owners and breeders alike. With popularity growing so has the desire for people to obtain AKC regis- trations on their dogs. Our procedure for accepting non BTRA registered

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