Top Notch Toys December 2018


by Gayle Pruett

W e owe a debt of gratitude to Werner and Gertud Biewer for not throwing the baby out with the bath water. Although this breed started out as a complete surprise to the Biewers, they were intrigued with the coloring and de- cided to continue developing this little tri-colored beauty for the shear purpose of bringing joy and happiness to their owners. The Biewer Terriers loves to be loved and will return that love sevenfold; they will literally wrap their arms around your neck and hug you as long as you will let them. They enjoy entertaining you with their peculiar little antics and games developed with the sole purpose of keeping your undivided attention on them. It is not uncommon to see the Biewer Terrier smiling back at you, as they demonstrate just how much they truly love you and are happy to be in your company. The Biewer Terrier being a new breed requires particular attention to the features that make the Biewer Terrier so exceptional and extraordinary. It goes without saying that health is al- ways our number one concern when breeding. We are striving to eradicate any issues that may pop up during the course of establishing our breed. The personality and striking colors of the

“The Biewer Terriers loves to be loved and will return that love sevenfold; THEY WILL LITERALLY WRAP THEIR ARMS AROUND YOUR NECK AND HUG YOU AS LONG AS YOU WILL LET THEM.”

puppies, but it takes a special person to breed correctly. The Biewer Terrier breed has been especially harrowing due to the dif- ferent theories behind the beginning of the breed. For this reason, the breeders that chose the correct path to breed and develop this magnificent dog deserve recognition and gratitude for their loyalty and faithfulness.Mrs. Biewer’s steadfast friendship and

Biewer Terrier set it apart from any other. No amount of training can turn a poorly bred, dull Biewer Terrier into a robust, whimiscal, loving Biewer Terrier. Breeding any breed of dog is a huge undertaking and responsibil- ity. A person owes the public the best possible specimen they can produce in health, temperament, structure and in all aspects, to be as sound as possible. Anybody can produce

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