Top Notch Toys December 2018

THE DELIGHTFUL BIEWER TERRIER by Myrna Torres The Biewers were admitted to Foundation Stock in April of 2014. They were assigned to the Toy Group.

“T hat is the cutest dog I have ever seen”! Comments such as this are constantly heard byBiewer Terrier owners. Then, almost immediately, come the questions. How do you pronounce the name? Is it a Yorkie? Where did you get him? What breeds make up your dog? Or, just, “What kind of dog is it?” These are just some of the questions Biewer Terrier owners are constantly asked. With its friendly, self-confident atti- tude and striking coloring, the Biewer is truly a show stopper. TEMPERAMENT The Biewer Terrier is a newbreed that ismaking a big splash in the dogworld; its personality sets it apart from all other breeds. It was developed for nothing more than to be a fluffy little frou-frou companion dog, to amuse and bring joy and happiness to its owner. Never the less, being Terrier- like, many of its energetic qualities will keep you on your toes. As puppies they are aggressive chewers and love their toys. As adults it is not uncom- mon to find them running around with a toy, stick or whatever prize they have claimed, in their mouth. My intrepid little adult male, Bugsy, loves to bring me giant leaves, branches, flowers or whatever he can manage to work through the doggy door. He then proceeds to prance around showing off before he presents me with his gift! They enthusiastically enjoy going on

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