Top Notch Toys December 2018

One Hand Helps Another FROM THE EXECUTIVE EDITOR EMERITUS Joseph Neil McGinnis III

In all my years—now, more forty—I’ve never felt such urgen fight for our rights. Or at least fo dogs’ and sport’s rights. We a against fairly formidable foes w One Hand H FROM THE EXECUTIVE ED Joseph Neil McGi In all my years—now, more than forty—I’ve never felt such urgency to fight for our rights. Or at least for our dogs’ and sport’s rights. We are up against fairly formidable foes who’d like to see our favorite pastime be- come a thing of the past. I’m speaking of course of the “animal rights” groups who really don’t have animals’ rights in mind. They have an agenda which they’re pushing, and pushing hard. They have the money and the man- power to shovel mountains of misin- formation in front of gullible, well-meaning souls who are brain- washed by the slick, sickening public- ity. Well, it’ll take a powerful weapon to combat them and we need to stop being complacent. Luckily we have the ideal ar- mament to fight the battle: we have us. I hereby present exhibits A through G but it’s just a start. Above I am pic- tured with three people who’ve given huge amounts of energy and effort into our world. This followed BIS at the Na- tional Dog Show (KC of Philadelphia), the televised coverage of which provides the fancy, and the world, with a wonderful display of sportsmanship, excellent dogflesh, and hopefully piques the inter- est of those who might join us. Steve San- sone, Debbie Scott and Wayne Ferguson, bright lights of the Club, are shining ex- amples of what individuals can do to bet- ter our world. More about them and the show later; I just wanted to extend my congratulations and thanks for another tremendous event. Events transpired in the last few months to test the mettle of the most op- timistic. R ging forest fires in North and South California forced many thousands from their homes, and pets, livestock and wildlife from those lovely hills were tossed out of safety zones and into dire straits. I’m proud to say that our fellow dog lovers have pitched in big time. Two of the many spearheading rescue efforts are Valerie Nunez-Atkinson (along with Westminster BIS “CJ”), in SoCal, and Nancy Martin up north. I hope to have more on these developments but for now I just want to say Thank You All for All You Do. As any of us know who’ve worked in rescue, especially following a natural disaster, once it’s out of the headlines people lose interest. Yet those needing assistance may need it for many months to come. We must keep up the work till the work’s no longer needed. Again, my heart goes out to all affected by this catastrophe, and my thanks to my fellow fanciers for another inspirational act. I’ll see you next month. For more information or to donate: LV FIRE RELIEF c/o Valerie Nunez- Atkinson FIDO PET FOOD BANK EMERGENCY RESPONSE c/o Nancy Martin 971=678-6940 10 • T op N otch T oys , D ecember 2018

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